Top 5 most-read articles of 2022

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February 15, 2023
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Top 5 most-read articles of 2022

In case you missed them, dive into our most-read Option articles in 2022.

You can also explore our top 5 Option articles from 2021.


1) The Secret to Managing Losses and Hitting Home Runs

I have worked as a market strategist for the past 15 years alongside a few thousand retail and institutional investors in foreign currency, futures, equities and options. A common experience amongst self-directed investors is a repetitive string of small winners, followed by a few big losses that wipe out weeks or months of…




2) Why options should be considered for investing in Bitcoin 2026

Many cryptocurrency investors have bought Bitcoin and other altcoins under the assumption it will be held in their portfolio for many decades. The assumption for these “hodlers” is that the future of financial transactions will see Bay Street and Wall Street banks replaced with decentralized systems. For other investors,…




3) How Options Can Play a Role in Your Investment Strategy

Options are an underutilized investment tool that is overlooked because they seem complicated and are perceived to be for the exclusive use of professional traders. But once they are properly understood, the average investor may come to realize how options can play a role in their investment strategies. An option gives an investor…




4) Index Futures and Hedging (Futures First Academy)

In our previous articles, we explored various aspects related to index futures including index arbitrage. In this article, we explore another possible use of an index future namely hedging. As global stock markets have skyrocketed since the deepest trough of the pandemic, the internet is flushed with articles citing…




5) What is covered call writing? 

A covered call strategy consists of an investor selling a call option on a stock that they own. While this may sound complex, covered call strategies are quite simple and suitable for some beginner options investors. A covered call writing strategy offers the investor a form of hedging against downside risk.

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