Trading your first option

Tony Zhang
June 11, 2019
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Trading your first option

Want to learn more about trading your first option?


Tony Zhang
Tony Zhang http://tmx.optionsplay.com

Head of Product Strategy for OptionsPlay


Tony Zhang is a specialist in the financial services industry with over a decade of experience spanning product development, research and market strategist roles across equities, foreign exchange and derivatives. As the current Head of Product Strategy for OptionsPlay, Tony leads the research and development of their OptionsPlay Ideas & Portfolio platform. He has leveraged his interest in financial technology and product development to provide innovative, reimagined solutions to clients and the users they seek to serve. Previously he spent 7 years at FOREX.com with a capital markets and research background as a market strategist specializing in equity and FX derivatives markets.

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  1. Avatar Clint

    Hello, will there be a recording or transcript from this event that I can watch/read at a later time. I cannot view this live. I am interested in learning how to trade options as I recently opened a starter account.

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